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Let’s join hands to ensure safety and quality of what we eat and drink.

  • Let’s join hands to ensure safety and quality of what we eat and drink.
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    Our Profile

    FICCI RESEARCH & ANALYSIS CENTRE (FRAC), established under the competent aegis of Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) and its allied body Confederation of Indian Food Trade and Industry (CIFTI), is one of India’s leading laboratories for analytical services ranging from testing of Food and Beverages, Environment and Water, Research and Development in these areas and also Training related to various analytical methods and food hygiene segment. We have over 29 years’ experience of offering a range of high quality analytical testing services across India with a commitment to ensure that our services are the benchmark for all others in the industry.

    Founded in 1989, FRAC has been rigorously working on furthering its objectives, namely:

    • Providing services for analysis to all the industries related to food, Nutraceutical, pharmaceutical, and trade and others.
    • Undertaking research and development for quality improvement.
    • Recommending changes and standards on the basis of empirical studies and tests assuring consumers about the quality and standards of all the products purchased by them.
    • Assisting all the industries and trade in their export efforts through research and development and providing approved tests for all exportable items acting as an information house with existing data, collected and stored for dissemination to all industries and trade and other organisations and continuously generating and updating the data.
    • Undertaking special tasks and assignments entrusted by CIFTI.
    • Help in providing all the items to the consumers and raising the general standards of purity particularly in MSME sectors.

    Our laboratory is a world class infrastructure based in Dwarka, in the National Capital Region of India, located very near to the Airport and has an area of more than 25,000 square feet with separate sections for analytical testing, research and development, training, and other operations. The laboratory is equipped with best in industry equipment to deliver impeccable services to its customers. We are able to offer our customers an unrivalled range of tests and services provided through our experienced and knowledgeable staff, backed up with the reassurance that comes from our extensive range of accreditations, certifications and recognitions, which include NABL, FSSAI, BIS, DSIR, OHSAS 18001, ISO 22000 and ISO 14001.

    FRAC provides one-stop testing solutions to businesses and organizations involved in the food manufacturing, processing, retailing, hospitality, agro products and the QSR domains by offering an extensive range of state-of-the-art analytical techniques in order to support their increasingly stringent quality and safety standards.

    Our services will support you by:

    • Ensuring that your products are in compliance with national and international regulations and standards for food and beverage products.
    • Ensuring that your customers are safe and protected from any unsafe, unhealthy and contaminated food, water and beverages.
    • Ensuring that the integrity of your brand equity is protected and customer loyalty is maintained by assuring that safe and healthy food reaches them.
    • Ensuring correct shelf life and packaging of your food ingredients and food, water and beverage products.
    • Ensuring that your organisation is environment friendly and reduces the carbon footprints.
    • Ensuring the carbon footprints of your organisation are maintained within regulatory specifications.

    Enhanced customer experience at FRAC:

    • Our accreditations ensure the integrity and reliability of our test results.
    • Use of state-of-the-art equipment for all chromatographic, spectrophotometric, chemical and microbiological techniques such as HPLC, GC-MS, LC-MS/MS FTIR, ICP-MS, ICP-OES, ELISA, Laminar Air Flow, amongst others.
    • Professionally trained, dedicated and diligent team members to cater to your regular analytical requirements as well as to streamline and ease out your regulatory compliances.
    • Fast turn-around time (TAT) to ensure that your deadlines are always met and you are able to serve your customers efficiently.
    • Providing awareness to our customers through participation in industry associations and regulatory bodies on potential food scares and legal obligations.
    • Expert advice on testing plans, on-site-check for hygiene and cleanliness, and labelling advice.
    • Maintaining customer confidentiality by ensuring that results are delivered accurately and reliably, and are available for access in electronic and paper back versions.
    • Monthly Newsletters to keep you updated about your industries.