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Let’s join hands to ensure safety and quality of what we eat and drink.

  • Let’s join hands to ensure safety and quality of what we eat and drink.
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    Answers to frequently asked questions about career at FRAC and the application process:

    Q: How can I check the current vacancies at FRAC?

    A: Current vacancies at FRAC are posted on

    Q: What if no current vacancies matches my search criteria?

    A: Drop an email with your CV at and we will inform you every time a post matches your search criteria.

    Q: How secure and confidential is the information I provide during the online application process?

    A: Information you provide during the online application is secure. FRAC commits to 100% confidentiality in the recruitment process.

    Q: What happens once I submit my application online?

    A: You will receive an e-mail notification acknowledging receipt of your application.

    Q: How do I know if I have been invited to participate in the selection interviews?

    A: Our recruitment team will review your application. If your qualification and expertise are found to be aligned with our requirements of the position, you will be contacted by our recruiter.

    Q: What do I have to do to prepare for the interviews?

    A: Try to learn as much as possible about FRAC and the current position that you are applying for. We conduct structured interviews, we ask candidates to provide us with professional examples of past situations and about the skills that are required for that particular position.

    Q: Will I have to go through assessments?

    A: Depending of the level and complexity of the position, we may ask you to participate in a short psychometric study. We may also ask external consultants to conduct more thorough assessments.

    Q: What happens after the interview process is complete?

    A: We conduct debriefing sessions to assess which candidate best fits the requirements of the post. If your application is successfully accepted, you will receive an employment opportunity from FRAC.

    Q: If I am not chosen for a specific position, can I re-apply for another vacancy?

    A: If you are not selected for a specific position, your skills could be aligned with the requirements of another position. We therefore encourage you to apply for any position you feel qualified for and we will review your application carefully.

    Q: Do I need to prepare for something between receiving my job offer and my first day at FRAC?

    A: You will be invited to provide all the relevant documents of your qualification, etc. and complete the entire process of administration. At FRAC, we encourage our employees to continue learning about FRAC and keep in contact with us till your first day with us.