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Let’s join hands to ensure safety and quality of what we eat and drink.

  • Let’s join hands to ensure safety and quality of what we eat and drink.
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    Life At FRAC

    FRAC started as an organisation, but grew up as a family. FRAC is where the individuals are groomed to take their well-assured decisions, where each member is supported at their failure and awarded and appreciated at their success. FRAC moulds every member to aspire to learn and perform to their potential best, thus creating an unbeatable combination of skills and confidence in every member of its family.

    Since, it’s a family the bond among members just get stronger, which also enable the ease of work and communication with the people we are serving.

    But all targets and no play, would make FRAC a dull place to work at? But in the times when all the other organisations go haywire over targets and deadlines, the heads at FRAC would invite to join them over a cricket match because what’s better than hitting a leather ball with a wooden bat to help you unwind? The concept being the lower the stress the better grind. FRAC using this concept in exact balanced proportions has always outperformed its target since its establishment.

    But that’s not all, come and take a look at what else do we do to keep stress at bay and hustle all day:

    • Clothes do not make a person, but it can surely help”. We are highly professional! And thus we believe to look like one when we are at work.
    • We are firm-believers of “Capacity Building”. We make sure each member of ours realise and then use the best of his potential. Through weekly Management Review Meetings (MRMs) we ensure to extend support to members to build and implement plans and also keep a thorough check to always keep the growth graph positive.
    • The days when all your energy is drained, come join us for a great weekly motivational sessions and it will shoot up your energy much higher than a 3 shot caffeine coffee
    • We respect everyone, and we do it from the very core of our heart. We make sure that it reflects in our behaviour, not only in pre-determined ways of using salutations.
    • We are home away from home, and to always make you feel like that we offer you the best close deal to “Maa ke Haath ka khaana”. With our best lunch we ensure to fill the plate of all members with a healthy and a balance diet, to keep everyone’s nutrition right.
    • We have this amazing “Brainstorming room” to give you the peace and space, just right to let your inner creativity flow.
    • How about a chocolate truffle cake on your birthday? Amazing? That’s what we will get you on yours with a whole lot of jokes, games and fun
    • Festivals are the time for you to be surely around, from mind-boggling games to exciting competitions we have it all, come join us for a merry and upbeat celebration.
    • In the trend of hierarchal structures, we are old school, we still believe in equality, so all the members you will interact with are equal here!

    We are a corporate family exhibiting a beautiful spectrum of work-life balance!