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Let’s join hands to ensure safety and quality of what we eat and drink.

  • Let’s join hands to ensure safety and quality of what we eat and drink.
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    Research And Development Centre

    FICCI Research and Analysis Centre is very enthusiastically involved in Research and Development operations. FRAC has a huge Research and Development Centre which offers services like:

    • New Product Development
    • Stabilisation of Products
    • Shelf-life enhancement
    • Sensory Evaluation
    • Efficacy Testing

    Which helps to simplify the procedure of manufacturing stable and nutritionally packed products. The Research and Development team comprises of many experienced scholars who are very well experienced in different domains of food technology. FRAC through its Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (DSIR) recognised centre has been involved in the development of the following projects:

    • Therapeutic Food: FRAC has successfully developed a therapeutic food which is high in energy and protein, contains added electrolytes, minerals and vitamins.
    • High Fibre Bread: FRAC has developed a high fibre bread by involving Rice Bran contents as ingredients. This bread is helpful in regulating glucose levels and also provide bulk to the diet.
    • Badam Kesar Milk Fortification: The fortification of Badam Kesar milk is done with essential vitamins and minerals to make product nutritionally rich.
    • Low Calorie Cookies: A special type of low calories cookies were developed, especially designed to suit the health and the taste buds of the diabetic patients.
    • Transfer of Technology: FRAC is also involved with developing methodologies and procedures for its customers. The results of these studies are referred to as technologies. After the development, these technologies are used by the clients for their operational procedures.

    Shelf Life Studies

    The shelf life of food product is of crucial importance to both the manufacturers and the consumers. The shelf analysis plays an important role during the new product development or during the reformulation of existing products.

    The following services are offered by FICCI Research and Analysis Centre for shelf-life analysis of the products:

    • Organoleptic Testing: Organoleptic properties of food such as taste, texture and aroma of any product is influenced greatly by the storage, packaging and the environmental conditions. With a huge sensory panel on board, we offer the services for organoleptic evaluation by the means of different tools and methods.
    • Chemical Parameters and Quality Parameters: Apart from the improper processing, storage and handling of the food products, natural degradation of the ingredients over the period of time can significantly reduce the shelf life of the product. Thus, the shelf-Life analysis is important to assure that the products are formulated and stored in the right conditions.
    • Microbiological Analysis: There are many pathogens that can result in the spoilage of food. These pathogens can come in contact with food during processing in unhygienic conditions, improper handling of food during transportation or unsuitable storage conditions. Therefore, the detection of these organisms is important to prevent them from deteriorating the food products.

    The shelf-life analysis are conducted in two modes

    • Real Time Shelf-Life
    • Accelerated Shelf life

    The shelf life studies are conducted with the help of a Shelf-life chamber having the temperature ranges between -18°C to 40°C, and the humidity conditions ranges between 40-95%.


    Photosensitivity: Light is one of the crucial factors that promotes food degradation by accelerating oxidation process. The exposing of food to light generally results in the formation of unpleasant flavours and odours, loss of nutritive value and results in the colour fading of the product. Thus, it is a necessity that shelf-life stability is also tested in terms of photosensitivity. Apart from, photodegardation also results I the formation of some toxic by-products.

    FICCI Research and Analysis Centre offers services for analysing the photo stability of the products. The photo stability of the products are tested in line with The International Council for Harmonization of Technical Requirements for Pharmaceuticals for Human use (ICH) and Food and Drug Administration (FDA).