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Let’s join hands to ensure safety and quality of what we eat and drink.

  • Let’s join hands to ensure safety and quality of what we eat and drink.
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  • sample collection

    Sample Collection Facility

    We have a team of trained staff who are dedicated to collect the sample from your facility no matter where the location of sample is. We make sure that the complete process revolves around you, with the best care of the samples in mind.

    Our sample collection procedure works on the following steps:

    • Travelling to your location.
    • Sample collected in the best possible conditions with the utmost care by a member of our experienced team to ensure that the sample has to reach within the certain time frame so that it remains valid for testing.
    • No matter the weather, your sample reaches swiftly to our laboratory via courier or by our member. Some samples need to be transported under strict conditions to preserve their validity.
    • Once the sample arrives at our laboratory, it is processed by our team of experienced analysts.
    • When the testing gets complete and results are ready, we issue the Certificate of Analysis.
    • Our Customer service representatives and technical heads are always ready to answer and explain any questions that you might have.

    We make sure that sample collecting officer strictly adhere to the sampling procedure and provide sampling details. Moreover, he also ensure that the drawl of true representative sample of complete Batch or Lot is done.